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Hi I'm Gonzo! Godfather of the Roadwing, a Honda Goldwing GL1800 rear shock with an electric over hydraulic preload adjustment, modified to fit the under sprung Road Star 1700. Here is the place to learn more about the electrical harness you need to make it all work. I am the sole provider of this harness though I provided the wiring diagram years ago for those of you that want to make your own. Refer to Tykes page for the original write-up at :


There are probably over 600 Road Stars converted to this shock now. It is a 200lb increase over stock spring rate coupled with Honda's premiere bike's top of the line actuator. Your bike will handle like its on rails once you've completed the install, and being able to adjust the preload at the flick of a switch is miles better than jacking up your bike and making 1/4" turns of a nut when you add a passenger or gear. No more frame bashing either. 

The harness has two relays for the up and down actuation, is fully loomed and connects to Honda's stock connector. All that is needed to install is to connect the fuse to the Battery (+), ground to the frame, mount the switch where you want it and plug into the Roadwing shock. Done. The switch is on a 48" lead so it can be installed into a fairing. Others have installed theirs in the side cover, under the tank, in the fuel pump cover, in the neck of the bike for ideas.

The Roadwing harness is $48 and $8.45 shipping USPS with tracking in the continental U.S. I have been shipping on Fridays but may be able to ship sooner during the Summer months. I build per order.

Paypal to GonzoCJ5@yahoo.com

Mounting the Shock

Many people have questions regarding mounting the shock on an already tight bike. Remove your right side cover and pull the two relays off the frame bracket and move them to the right. Slide the Roadwing motor in behind that bracket and down. Use a cable tie to strap the pump to the bracket and dress your relays in. Done. 


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