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Lets face it, we love our Hondas. I bought my Shadow 1100 in 02 and its now 2020. I have had a plethora of other bikes come and go but still have my Shadow. They have their issues and one I help eleiminate is the dead start button issue. You see, Honda put the headlight circuit through the start button. When its not pressed, it runs the headlamp. When pressed, it disconnects the headlamp and diverts all the battery to starting the bike. Ingenious, right? But the small copper contact is help in place with plastic, plastic that gets hot when the headlamp runs and glazes over the start contacts. 

In addition, when people add lightbars and accessories to their bike, the first thing they think of is to tie it to their headlamp so it comes on with the key. So you're running 4.5 amps through that small copper contact running a 55W headlamp at 12Vdc,  and now adding two 35 or 55 Watt running lamps for an addition 6-9Amps. That switch doesn't stand a chance. You pull over for gas , fill up, and now she won't start. May as well start taking that switch housing apart and scraping the plastic off those contacts.

Engineers design automotive harnesses with the minimum requirements to meet the current that each circuit is designed for. Never add more to an existing circuit, instead add an additional circuit with a relay fused to the battery. I make it easy for you to save your electrical system.

Gonzos Lightbar Wiring Harness

The old dependable LB-1 harness that has been selling word of mouth since 2002. A single relay harness that triggers off of the taillight circuit so the lightbar comes on with the key. No additional load put on the start switch.

LB-1 Harness - $45 plus $8.45 shipping to the continental U.S.
Paypal to
I build them per order...

LB-1C Harness for Cobra Lightbars

Same as above but with a Faston connector for connection to Cobra's Lightbar switch.

LB-1C Harness - $45 plus $8.45 shipping to the continental U.S.
Paypal to
I build them per order...

Gonzo's Hydra Harness

Biggest seller has it all!  Three relays combine to remove most of the current off of the start switch. The headlight hi and low beam will be run through my harness and triggered off of the stock switch only. In addition, the taillights will trigger the third relay to run the lightbar. Best of both worlds. This is the fix to the melted start switch because we both know some of these switches fail without any additional load added to the headlight. Switches also cause power loss, so brighter illumination can be had using relays as well.

Hydra Harness - $80 and 8.45 shipping
Paypal to
I build to order



  1. I guess I need a wire harness so I can hook up a passing light bar with 2 LED 4" lights on my 2001 Honda shadow Ace 750

    1. Absolutely! You can order the LB1 harness and protect your stock harness. Shipping to the states is now $9:45, I need to update these pages.


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