Road Star Batwing Harness

Gonzo's Batwing Interconnect Harness for Road Stars

So you want to put a full batwing inner and outer fairing on your bike, but you're not sure about the wiring. Let me make it easy for you...

My Batwing Interconnect harness will plug into the stock two plugs that went to your tank mounted speedo and will provide all the functions to your dash indicator panel like (separate) left and right turns, oil (engine) lamp, high beam indicator, and neutral.
The HD dash indicator panel comes in different configurations, LED or little bulbs, and the connector size changes. Before procuring this harness, procure the indicator you wish to use or let me get it and send it tp you all at once. My harness will provide pigtails to connect your new gauges to and will be labeled as such. 

I will need to know which gauges you are using. I used SpeedHut gauges like these which are configurable for color, needles et al. Refer to

The Batwing Interconnect Harness is $80 and $8.45 shipping. Paypal to
This harness dresses everything in quite neatly.

You can look over the installation manual here: 

Batwing Power Up 

Now you have your gauges and a harness that provides the electrical signals, you need to power them up. My Batwing Power harness will provide fused power from the battery, via a relay, to a DC distribution that you will need to procure. More on that in a minute The harness is enabled with the key on and has a quick disconnect at the batwing in case it needs to be removed.

The DC Distribution Power Harness is $40 and $8.45 shipping
Paypal to

As for the DC distribution, there several on the market. I like the one below since it has both Power and Ground termination points. My harness will connect to the studs and you have 6 individually fused circuits to use for your gauges, power port, GPS, Radio, etc. These can be had for $37 at this link:


Gauges Check
Harness Check
Distribution Check

Batwing Mount on Road Stars

How are you going to mount that fairing to your Road Star. I can share what I did and have helped others build, this is for using both the inner fairing (with gauges holes) with the outer fairing. It requires some welding for the mounting bracket. Others have purchased from

For me, I used the stock shield mounting points on the upper tree to mount 1/8" strap with standoffs. Then made a couple brackets off the lamp mount on the lower tree to connect the lower cross bar, Using more strap down each side along side the forks with weld nuts behind it to mount the inner fairing bracket to. Pictures speak more words so here you go.

About the HD brackets. They suck. Thin stamped steel tears from the vibrations. I had it happen on my Honda and it doesn't vibrate anywhere near what the Road Star does. I recommend Strong Arms, thick plastic reinforced mounting arms that wont tear. They're about $100 on eBay and worth the money, you only want to do this once.

These arms mount to the inner fairing and then mount to the bracket on the bike. The outer fairing will mount to the inner fairing. Hope that helps.

Batwing Harnesses


  1. What type of gauges are needed to work with your harness? Im assuming they have to be all electrical and no mechanical ie, electric speedometer and oil pressure. I like the speed hut you are using but they are kind of pricey for me.

    Thanks Doug

    1. Hi Doug! Yes, my Interconnect harness provides electrical signals from the stock Multi-Gauge to the HD indicator panel which works off of electrical signal inputs. Using a mechanical speedo or tach would be difficult since there are no cable driven features on the Road Star. There is a GPS Speedometer that some people opt to use but it can lose satellite signal in certain locations and stop indicating travel speed and tracking mileage. The gauges I used are defined above in this article with part numbers. You can choose others in this size and customize the backgrounds, numbers and needles as you wish. If you know of cheaper options for gauges you could use those as well. My harness will provide the stock signals or aftermarket wiring to connect them to.

  2. Man you still making mount for fairing?

    1. Not t the moment. I don't have my welder hooked up at my new place. Supposed to build a shop this year and just started a job so we'll w=see how the year goes. Did I make you one before?

  3. Are you back in business? I'd love to mount a fairing on my R*, and you have the best and only option I'd consider.

    1. Of course I’m in business! My website is here to stir up more business and be sure to share the address on forums you visit! You’d be helping a brother out!

  4. What's up Gonzo?!?! Hope all is well!

  5. I wanted to get the interconnect harness. Is that still available?

  6. Also would your harness work with the Smiths Gauge Kit Temp+ Oil+ Fuel+ Volt +Oil Temp+Speedo+Tacho Replica 85 mm ME

  7. You wrote this post very carefully. Powerful Tips For Cyclists Guide The amount of information is stunning and also a gainful article for us. Keep sharing this kind of articles, Thank you.

  8. Can you make me one of the faring brackets

  9. Hey man are u making any of the metal mounting bracket i would definitely b interested in that and the wiring harness as well thanks

  10. I want to purchase one of ur wiring harness for the roadstar and i wanted to let u know what gauges I will b using so how I get a hold of you to purchase one of these

    1. My email is

    2. Ok man i will b emailing you


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