Road Star HD Bag Install

Road Star HD Bag Install

This is a look at the way I mounted my HD bags on my Road Star. They are very solidly mounted and as close in as I could get and have them match side to side.

First I used steel pipe and slit the ends.

Then inserted some flat stock that were drilled to fit the frame holes.


Mounted these on the bike.

I bought these HD hoops that fit into the lower ridge under the bags. I cut the ends off and welded them to a cross bar that bolted to the frame.

The finished hoops on the bike. On the HD loops, I didn't use the fat rubber bushings that pop into the bottom of the bags. Instead I used EPDM rubber tape under the bags and drilled and tapped 1/4-20 threads into the holes in the hoop to bolt the bags down from the inside. Sits them down lower.

Painted black.

Bags on the bike.

As she sets today with a trunk. Ultra Star. 

This is how I lit everything up.


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